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Wouldn’t you love to go visit Falls Lake? Trifold brochure was created entirely in InDesign CS4

I created the template and then began to build the newsletter from information off a friends business website utilizing the information included on the site. Created entirely in InDesign CS4

This project was fun. There are fish, Jellyfish, water movement as well as an interactive element in the underwater scene. Created in Adobe Flash CS4 with some post processing in Photoshop.

The Delta plane comes in from the left side and leaves the scene right bottom. Logo, words, and flat bed seats in the up and down positions, flash throughout the cycle. Created in Adobe Flash CS4

Awakening ipad/iphone cases

You can purchase my custom Iphone and Ipad cases at the link below:

Our project was to use music that was 3 to 5 minutes long and create an animation to go with the music. This involved going into Soundbooth and editing the song in just the right way to get the perfect selection. I used Andrew Bird’s music called Something Sinister. He created this sound for a childrens book that his  mother was illustrating. This Flash animation has 4 main scenes and in the first scene the girl is playing the violin and the ginko leaves are twirling with the music. It fades into the next scene where the girl is still playing as a fox lurks behind the trees looking at a Bobwhite. The scene changes leaving the girl behind and the fox is now chasing the Bobwhite through the forest trying to catch his supper. The last scene shows the bird under the foxes foot as his face fades from normal into a sinister looking skull. The last scene fades to black with THE END and a REPLAY button to start the process all over again.

I love the colors used for Cantina 1511 so I pulled some of the tones in building the background scene. First I needed a rustic door and then some kind of plaster wall for the outside of the building.  We needed to pick a holiday to highlight specials that would be different than the menu. I picked all my favorite foods. Couldn’t go wrong with that. I think this menu insert is very professional and was created almost entirely with InDesign.

I wanted to design an ad with sunshine and warmth and use the product in a creative way.  This ad speaks health and fitness. Buy me!

I created this ad for Competition Accessories. The company sells mostly racing products, but being in Rock Hill they wanted to appeal to the casual Harley biker and a woman can sure sell it.

Linder Designs

Some of my best designs for your viewing pleasure....

February 2023