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The Delta plane comes in from the left side and leaves the scene right bottom. Logo, words, and flat bed seats in the up and down positions, flash throughout the cycle. Created in Adobe Flash CS4


Changing gears now, one of our projects in Illustrator was to create a city scape. Well here is mine. We were to take an existing picture and redraw it as a vector. I took it one step farther and brought in many, many buildings on a prospective and made it appear that it was a planet looking out over the earth. Kind of a sci-fi, comic book feel to it.

Tried to turn a man into a tree or the other way around.

Just playing around between projects. Wanted to see if I could incorporate a figure into a scene and make it look like it was always there. Looks pretty good.


Author Dave King used my art for his first book. You can find it on Amazon.

One of our Photoshop projects was a play on words. I built the scene from the walls to the floor. I even threw my chair over to give it a feeling of tension. As you can see the male oyster is stewing because the misses is checking out the bread. I really like the poster also, says a lot about what could happen next. Don’t pick up the knife!

Just messing around… colored a vintage black and white graphic of a woman and made her look like it was always in color. Then I decided she could be on the desert, so I sunk a building in Paris into the sand. A camel for atmosphere and we’re all set.

I created the vector design in Illustrator and decided to use it in my box design for Illustrator CS5.

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