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Just a little diversion with an existing vector picture. I changed a lot of the colors and changed some of the lines.


Another Illustrator project to take a portrait and isolate each color change and convert the picture to a vector drawing.

I recently adopted a beautiful Chocolate lab/ wiemeraner. She is the love of my life and the best gal you could ever wish for, so I had to put her in my comic strip project.

Click to enlarge to read the comic.  Enjoy!

One of our Illustrator projects was to create a scary monster. Well everyone likes a scary tree monster and I could use it on my next project.

Changing gears now, one of our projects in Illustrator was to create a city scape. Well here is mine. We were to take an existing picture and redraw it as a vector. I took it one step farther and brought in many, many buildings on a prospective and made it appear that it was a planet looking out over the earth. Kind of a sci-fi, comic book feel to it.

Vector designed in Illustrator just for fun and then used in a project for school.

I created the vector design in Illustrator and decided to use it in my box design for Illustrator CS5.

Linder Designs

Some of my best designs for your viewing pleasure....

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